Thursday, October 25, 2012

Months Gone By

Turns out I am just as bad at blogs as I am at keeping a journal. I like collecting them, but I never write in them except once in a blue moon. Not that I have many followers, still it would be nice if I kept up with this.

I do have pictures to share. Some I'm even relatively proud of. I figured I would post them here since I haven't update my website yet. The website coding is giving me some problems and a headache, so until I iron it out it will remain un-updated.

Until there. Have some pictures!

Done for Product Display. I was a little horrified by the label Party Animal, and since the project was to improve upon one, it seemed perfect. That was how this came to be. I have also decided as much as I adore them, chihuahuas are a pain in the rear to draw. Period.

And I did this some time ago, but I am going to share it here since it was just so funny. Love Dog Shaming. Toby pouted afterwards, but he deserves it for being a general brat.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Lost Post?

It's been hectic. From IMC to working crazy hours upon my return. Follow that up with the start of what has the makings of a very crazy quarter. Which means personal art has been at a complete stand still unfortunately. The large canvas is just taking up space despite the fact I know exactly what I want to put on it.

So to tide everyone....ha, everyone....over, I am posting the piece that was done at IMC.

I would love to hear what people think. Besides Dad talking about the arms :P

And also, from today, the grayscale version of the new logo I am cooking up for my website. The new website will roll out as soon as I finish all of the graphics for it. I have some nice plans for it. But instead of rushing it for class, it will be done RIGHT. So there.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Late

Better late than never! I know I am horrible at remembering personal favors. Or rather at making time for them. I still owe my brother a picture. I have concept sketches but nothing concrete. However, there is hope for everyone. I managed to finish one! Two days of painting (rather than doing homework, which was bad, but it happens) and I have a final product! The painting is on its way as I type this to its new owner. Here's hoping she likes it. It isn't a big painting, but it is still something. Actually the aim was not to go big this time. As I wanted it a reasonable size to hang either in home or office.

Now I just have to sit down and finish my self portrait (which I was told I look busty, yeah, Captain Obvious). I have a feeling the self portrait will take much longer and will likely have to wait until after June to finish. We shall see. I also have to work on thumbnails and preliminary sketches for IMC. Ergh is all I can say.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Pictures

Another update and it did not take months! Or at least I don't think so. A couple of pieces that I have finished and somethings I am working on. First up is completed works.

You may recognize the Fairy Dragon, this time in color! Done with oil paints.

Forgive the glare, I did not get a picture of the piece before I framed it for the student show. When it gets pulled off the wall I will retake the picture so it can be seen better.

Now for the incomplete work. Or works in progress. This is a partial self portrait a la steampunk. I have also included a Roman with a jetpack and Toby on a rocket. I will be oil painting it starting this week.

I don't always remember when I owe people things. Fact of my life. I have owed someone a painting for so long. Finally figured out what to do for her. She likes mini dachs so here is what I am working on, also to be done with oils.

Lots of work on the table. And I have to have it all done before the end of the month. Why? Because I have to mail all of my supplies to MA for IMC. Yes, I will be attending IMC (Illustration Master Class) this year (woohoo!!). Wish me luck!

In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy the updates and the pictures.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Update with Sketches

The student show was great. I may not have won anything, but I think my art held its own. The winners were really good. I was just glad Photography got the chance to shine (since they complain so much how they never get noticed). No more complaining! Okay, I can be hopeful. Next year though! I promise to really make them earn their places. Muahahahaha!

I don't have much to show, however that should change relatively soon. My loving and wonderful parents bought me a new camera so I can get to taking quality pictures of my work instead of trying to wrestle with the school's scanners. Thus my paintings will start getting featured as they get done. In the meanwhile, here is a sketch dump for everyone. The ones of the boys are what happens when I get bored during jury duty (no worries I was not sketching during the trial, just during breaks). Enjoy!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little this. A little that.

Got a couple more pieces done. Or at least in the works. The current project taking up most of my time is designing for my official webpage, which will feature my sketcbook, digital and traditional work, and my official portfolio.
One of the ideas for my web page is this little piece. The original art was done in Photoshop for Drawing and Anatomy and in eight hours was turned into a vector in Illustrator. The font work still needs some work (we all know typography is NOT my strong suite).

Then there is my Steampunk Sacred Heart piece. Done with oil on wood board. It was more of an experiment with clear gesso. Turns out I hate drawing on it but I love painting on it. Real easy to work those kinks out. This will be one of the pieces that will be going in the student show. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

End of Quarter Update

The quarter is almost over and hopefully this short break will bring some opportunity to get some things done. Mostly in line of cleaning and creating. Cleaning first. Creating second. I am going to be making shelves to organize my mass amount of clutter. I snagged some wooden wine boxes from work and the plan is to stain, paint, finish, and make them mountable for the wall. So much cheaper and more fun than running off to Ikea to get something like it. I also have a lot of art to finish. Including coloring the picture of Toby, finishing my steampunk piece, touching up some old paintings and working on another experiment with painting surfaces.

For now I am working on the finals and as such all art is schoolwork. Today's accomplishment:

The Most Interesting Man in caricature form. This is the first time I have ever tried a style such as this and I will say it is not my favorite. I can do it fast, but doing something fast does not necessarily make it enjoyable. Just happy that it was done in time for class. Just one more art piece to do. Of course I have been putting countless hours into detailing it. Not uploading progress reports on it as I want the finished product to be a surprise. Though flying wolves as a note are always great and fun to work on.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay, instead of doing homework like I am supposed to be doing, I have been working on puppies. Roman is finished. All he needs his a frame. Toby's lines are finished and when I next get a minute, he will have color added. They go by relatively quickly. Though I should still be working on homework. Shame on me. Ah well. If I am to be distracted at least it is by art!

Ta da! See, cute puppies. Do not be deceived these two are evil! Evil I say! When done, these will be gifts to my parents. Also part of my portfolio. Somewhere. But for the 'rents. Since it has been awhile since they have seen the boys. Now they will have a picture of them and art in the same package.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apple a day

Another random post. Still working on some digital paintings. Looking forward to the Illustration Masterclass though I have not announced my presence on their message board. I want to firm up my plans beforehand. The plan is to update every day I am there, so keep paying attention in June for that. You have been warned.

Here is a random apple for you!

Done for Electronic Illustration. The assignment was to make an apple. Of course I got bored after finishing the apple and added a worm. No apple is complete without worm. Which brings me to a joke my mother once told me.

What is worse than finding a worm in your apple?

Half a worm.

No half worm here. Just a homeless one looking for new digs. Enjoy!


Oh look, I did a sketch today and decided to share! Roman is so disgustingly cute!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Update of Sorts

I have not forgotten that I have created this blog. Things have been rather busy. I enjoyed the Renaissance Faire in Gainsville and then the one in Deerfield Beach. Both were fantastic and certainly fueled my imagination. Now if only I had time to do more personal work.

Some things I have done that should have shared sooner:
This was done for History of Illustration. We were instructed to redo a cover of a novel and I chose Beauty, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Faerie Dragon. Done for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration class.

My current project for Electronic Illustration. I figured this would be more enjoyable to look at than the apple I did. Thus far, I am thoroughly enjoying Corel Painter. In retrospect her lips are a little too puffy. I may have to fix that. Or maybe not. Maybe she just had some wicked lip injections. XD

Hope everyone enjoys the updates! I will try to make these more frequent.