Wednesday, March 21, 2012

End of Quarter Update

The quarter is almost over and hopefully this short break will bring some opportunity to get some things done. Mostly in line of cleaning and creating. Cleaning first. Creating second. I am going to be making shelves to organize my mass amount of clutter. I snagged some wooden wine boxes from work and the plan is to stain, paint, finish, and make them mountable for the wall. So much cheaper and more fun than running off to Ikea to get something like it. I also have a lot of art to finish. Including coloring the picture of Toby, finishing my steampunk piece, touching up some old paintings and working on another experiment with painting surfaces.

For now I am working on the finals and as such all art is schoolwork. Today's accomplishment:

The Most Interesting Man in caricature form. This is the first time I have ever tried a style such as this and I will say it is not my favorite. I can do it fast, but doing something fast does not necessarily make it enjoyable. Just happy that it was done in time for class. Just one more art piece to do. Of course I have been putting countless hours into detailing it. Not uploading progress reports on it as I want the finished product to be a surprise. Though flying wolves as a note are always great and fun to work on.