Thursday, October 25, 2012

Months Gone By

Turns out I am just as bad at blogs as I am at keeping a journal. I like collecting them, but I never write in them except once in a blue moon. Not that I have many followers, still it would be nice if I kept up with this.

I do have pictures to share. Some I'm even relatively proud of. I figured I would post them here since I haven't update my website yet. The website coding is giving me some problems and a headache, so until I iron it out it will remain un-updated.

Until there. Have some pictures!

Done for Product Display. I was a little horrified by the label Party Animal, and since the project was to improve upon one, it seemed perfect. That was how this came to be. I have also decided as much as I adore them, chihuahuas are a pain in the rear to draw. Period.

And I did this some time ago, but I am going to share it here since it was just so funny. Love Dog Shaming. Toby pouted afterwards, but he deserves it for being a general brat.