Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Late

Better late than never! I know I am horrible at remembering personal favors. Or rather at making time for them. I still owe my brother a picture. I have concept sketches but nothing concrete. However, there is hope for everyone. I managed to finish one! Two days of painting (rather than doing homework, which was bad, but it happens) and I have a final product! The painting is on its way as I type this to its new owner. Here's hoping she likes it. It isn't a big painting, but it is still something. Actually the aim was not to go big this time. As I wanted it a reasonable size to hang either in home or office.

Now I just have to sit down and finish my self portrait (which I was told I look busty, yeah, Captain Obvious). I have a feeling the self portrait will take much longer and will likely have to wait until after June to finish. We shall see. I also have to work on thumbnails and preliminary sketches for IMC. Ergh is all I can say.

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Atiya Townes said...

And we forgot to chat again about the cover for my other book. Hmmm Looks like your busy and I'm procrastinating. We need to get that on record by the end of the summer before I start classes or it will have to wait for the holidays. I love the picture BTW.