Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art Nouveau

It has been pretty busy with graduation right around the corner. So much work has been done! First of all, I have a new website up and running. This one should be TONS easier for me to update (thanks to wix). All finished work will get posted there or here rather. Be sure to follow the website. And if you aren't already following, you should also check out the facebook page as I have been posting sketches to various projects. Different images for each page, a little treat for everyone. :)

With that out of the way, here is what I have been working on (and the subject for this post). I, like many, adore Art Nouveau. While I actually like the work of Beardsley and Gaudi (I really think more buildings need a touch of Gaudi), a great many people jump right to Mucha. As such I went more towards Mucha for sake of identification, that and it actually fits better. I choose three animals that have plants that go with them; Fox, Wolf, and Tiger. Also three animals that are high in the popularity charts. I've chosen a watercolor/mixed media approach to this (what was I thinking???). I've also been playing with tea staining to see what I can do with it. Here is a picture of after the tea stain...

This is the last sneak peek I'm giving out. The next showing of this piece will be finished. The purpose though, is for bookmarks for promotional items for my graduation. Maybe even post cards. I don't know yet. At the very least bookmarks, for the random few people who still like paper in their hands.

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